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Lake Natron

This photographer Nick Brandt fished out some of the animals who died in this lake and positioned them as if they were still alive, perched on their branches. The lake preserved their remnants in an eerie, i-just-looked-into-Medussa's-eyes kind of way. See more pics below or buy […]

Coolest space photos of 2013

Wired Magazine put together an album of some of the coolest space photos of 2013. Here are a few i like. Rest are here.   Tweet

Fiddleoak knows a thing or two about Photoshop

Fiddleoak clearly knows how to manipulate a photograph in Photoshop. But in these photos you almost thing the entire scene is an elaborate canvas painting. Click over here to see how he did it.Tweet

What landscape photos from 19th century America looked like

This images were taken by Timothy O'Sullivan and are believed to be the first ever photos taken of the Western United States.  A few images are below. Rest of the amazing ones here here at the DailyMail. Breathtaking landscape: A view across the Shoshone Falls, Snake […]

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Amazing Timelapse Of Telescopes Examining The Night Sky

The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (AKSAP) is a grid of 36 12-meter antennas that are designed to work together as a single device, so as to capture information about large chunks of the sky at once. The grid went live this week. Its size […]

Practice makes perfect infographic

Reminder to myself, other artists. Via ZintroTweet

Skillshare class on Photography

Since November I've been teaching a Photography class in Chicago. I am using SkillShare as a platform to find students and coordinate the logistics of the class. In November I had exactly 0 students. In January I managed to pull in another 0 students. Finally something clicked in February […]

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on Creativity by Ira Glass #ThisAmericanLife

Some useful words of wisdom from This American Life host Ira Glass on the creative process. Although this was an interview about storytelling, I think it applies across the board. Here is the text: “What nobody tells people who are beginners — and I really […]

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The Photovoice Kashmir Pilot Project (The Journal of the International Institute at U of Michigan)

By Shenaaz Janmohamed and Thanh Pham In the village of Gurthama, a mountainous region in Kashmir, families have been struggling to survive after a long series of disasters. The most recent affliction to their small rural village was the 2005 South Asian earthquake, which caused […]