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Practice makes perfect infographic

Reminder to myself, other artists. Via ZintroTweet

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on Creativity by Ira Glass #ThisAmericanLife

Some useful words of wisdom from This American Life host Ira Glass on the creative process. Although this was an interview about storytelling, I think it applies across the board. Here is the text: “What nobody tells people who are beginners — and I really […]

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How Ink is Made

You can't get enough of those shows on the discovery channel like Dirty Jobs, Ice Road Truckers, and Where Stuff Comes From.  At least I can't. It's a good thing I rarely watch TV or else I'd never stop watching. Today I saw a revolting […]

Introduction to calligraphy by Elinor Holland

Excellent video introducing the art of Islamic calligraphy featuring Aishah Elinor Holland. Tweet