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Riptide video = AMAZING

I'm terrified of scuba diving. I'm even more terrified of free diving. But this video is pretty amazing. Tweet

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What you get when you cross Cirque du Soleil with a drone


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Bad parenting

This reminds me somewhat of driving my nephew around in my car, which although zippy, has about 1/4 the hp of this beast. Nevertheless - the sentiment expressed is roughly the same. Ricky Bobby is born! Tweet

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Awesome fisheye lens

I haven't used a fisheye leans seriously since around 2003 when i took these photos in Ecuador. I like looking at photos taken with fisheye lenses but I find taking fisheye photos tedious. I think it's primarily because back in the day when I used […]

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The stuff that dreams are made of. Tweet

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These Birds Walk trailer, film by Omar Mullick and Bassam Tariq

Here is the latest trailer for the film by my friends Omar Mullick and Bassam Tariq called "These Birds Walk". They sent this around over the weekend just before leaving to go to Pakistan to finish filming this movie. Earlier this year Omar and Bassam […]

#edhidoc – now called “These Birds Walk” – Wins Sundance grant

Shout out to friends Omar Mullick and Bassim Tariq for being recognized along with 28 ther films by the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program for their project on Abdul Sattar Edhi, the Pakistani version of Mother Theresa (read about him here).  The grant is no […]

Preview of British Museum Hajj Exhibit

Qaisra Khan of the British Museum talks about the upcoming Hajj exhibit that runs from January 26 to April 15. Tweet

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Vote, lah

Here is a new music video produced by a musician in Malaysia urging Malaysians to vote in the next election. What's interesting about it is it includes elected officials from government and opposition parties (something that has probably never happened in a long time in […]