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Riptide video = AMAZING

I'm terrified of scuba diving. I'm even more terrified of free diving. But this video is pretty amazing. Tweet

Planetary Panoramas

Pretty cool time lapse work here: Here is the rig the photographer, Vincent Brady, used The rest of the workflow described here. Tweet

Amazing aerial photography

I've seen plenty of great aerial photography but there is something really unique and gripping about the work of Polish photographer Kacper Kowalski. His book, Side Effects, is out now. It's no wonder he's award winning. Some of his work below. And a short video […]

Coolest space photos of 2013

Wired Magazine put together an album of some of the coolest space photos of 2013. Here are a few i like. Rest are here.   Tweet

NASAs best photos of 2013

Some of these photos are really amazing. But the thing that caught my eye the most are von Karman vortices, which I did not know existed. See the rest here.  Tweet

A simple fix for farming

From Mark Bittman at the New York Times today, writing about how farmers can substantially reduce the use of pesticides by planting something other than corn and soybeans... The study was done on land owned by Iowa State University called the Marsden Farm. On 22 […]

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Amazing Timelapse Of Telescopes Examining The Night Sky

The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (AKSAP) is a grid of 36 12-meter antennas that are designed to work together as a single device, so as to capture information about large chunks of the sky at once. The grid went live this week. Its size […]

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Awesome time lapse of the Milky Way galaxy

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.Tweet

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Climbing Kinabalu

My friend Intisar, never one to shy away from an overseas adventure, and I climbed Mount Kinabalu, the tallest peak in Southeast Asia this week. Kinabalu is in Malaysia on the island of Borneo. It's summit is at 4,101 meters. The ascent was tons of […]