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Practice makes perfect infographic

Reminder to myself, other artists. Via ZintroTweet

The Quran for Solidarity

I came across a story in the Lebanese paper Daily Star about Everitte Barbee, an American calligrapher who is working on a new project called "A Quran for Solidarity". It's an ambitious project to write the entire text of the Quran in Arabic calligraphy and […]


You would think these were done in the 14th century somewhere in North Africa. In fact they were done in the 21st century in Arlington VA. Amazing. Tweet

An American Quran

In a project that is sure to raise eyebrows, Sandow Birk has produced an illustrated/illuminated, English manuscript of the Quran. I don't know if Muslims ever produced an illustrated edition of the entire Quran although its certainly the case that certain scenes or stories have […]

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I have to mention this event, in which some very good friends will be participating and may be one of the first of its kind to highlight women calligraphers. Pretty amazing that the Prime Minister of Turkey will attend, especially in the midst of all […]

Introduction to calligraphy by Elinor Holland

Excellent video introducing the art of Islamic calligraphy featuring Aishah Elinor Holland. Tweet