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Riptide video = AMAZING

I'm terrified of scuba diving. I'm even more terrified of free diving. But this video is pretty amazing. Tweet

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What you get when you cross Cirque du Soleil with a drone


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Leonardo Dalessandri is a very talented artist. He made these two videos about two of my favorite places. You should watch. turkey morocco Watchtower of Morocco from Leonardo Dalessandri on Vimeo.Tweet

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The man with the beautiful eyes

A poem by Charles Bukowski, from his collection The Last Night of the Earth poems. when we were kids there was a strange house all the shades were always drawn and we never heard voices in there and the yard was full of bamboo and […]

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Inspirations from Mecca and the Hajj

Inspirations from Mecca and the Hajj PilgrimageTweet

The village in Burkina Faso where every house is a work of art

  Near the southern border of Burkina Faso close to Ghana is a village called Tiebele-Corabie where the houses are all fantastically decorated.  Travel blogger Olga Stavrakis managed to gain access and take some great photos of the place. She said … It was only through […]


This might convince me to buy a few rolls of film and teach my nephew how cameras work. Then - once I take the film out, drive to the camera store (most of which have gone out of business by now), drop the film off, […]

Planetary Panoramas

Pretty cool time lapse work here: Here is the rig the photographer, Vincent Brady, used The rest of the workflow described here. Tweet

Vintage color photos of America from yesteryear

Via Business Insider Tweet