The Quran for Solidarity

I came across a story in the Lebanese paper Daily Star about Everitte Barbee, an American calligrapher who is working on a new project called "A Quran for Solidarity". It's an ambitious project to write the entire text of the Quran in Arabic calligraphy and to compose each of the 114 chapters of the Quran in an image related to that chapter. Actions are judged according to intentions, according to a saying of the Prophet. Barbee's intentions in this project are indeed noble. He said"
“I hate the way Americans look at the Middle East right now, especially mainstream Americans...Hopefully, maybe they’ll see that if another American [who isn’t a Muslim] can really appreciate [the Quran] for what it is ... maybe that would change the way some people think about it.”
Barbee is from Nashvile, Tennessee, where the nearby Murfeesboro Mosque has drawn a lot of hostility from some people in the community. Barbee intends to donate the finished project to the Murfeesboro Mosque and give a copy of it to the Park51 project in New York City, which drew similar hostility a few years ago.
I also liked what he said about writing the words of the Quran:
When you write the Quran [there’s] actually a visual rhythm to it as well ... It’s almost always more beautiful than other writing ... Whenever I’m writing a Surah, it always fits together in this bizarre way ... I really have to struggle to make poetry or something I’ve written work the same way.
Which reminds me of a paragraph from Mohamed Zakariya's essay "Music of the Pen" in which he said:
Words are the raw material of calligraphy, which is never divorced from meaning. But like music, true calligraphy also works on a wordless level, the level on which all great art functions. Together, the semantic cooperates with the aesthetic to enhance meaning; or, as another classical aphorism puts it, "Calligraphy gives to truth more clarity."
Can't wait to see the final product, especially how Barbee tackles the longer chapters. You can read more about the project on his website here as well as find other amazing productions of his.