Skillshare class on Photography

Since November I've been teaching a Photography class in Chicago. I am using SkillShare as a platform to find students and coordinate the logistics of the class. In November I had exactly 0 students. In January I managed to pull in another 0 students. Finally something clicked in February and I had four or five people express interest. Four people actually registered and two showed up on the day of the class (one of them told me he had a gig and would come to the next session). The objective of the class is to help people who own an SLR camera learn the basics of how to take advantage of the many features available on the camera so that they can take better pictures. Inevitably I venture out of the purely technical and into the creative aspects of photography and how to compose and conceive of better images. I also try to give a few pointers on how to deal with workflow and post-production to help people slog through the 100s or 1000s of images they will take with the camera and not oppress their friends with 754 pictures of their vacation. I just scheduled another class for April 20th in Chicago. I plan to do a class in Washington DC at some point and based on interest expressed over the interwebs, I may find a way to do one class entirely over the Internet using some sort of gigantic chat room. Skillshare also has this nifty video about how the future belongs to the curious.