Of city life, stolen laptops and Dropbox

On Sunday night a laptop computer was stolen from my car that belonged to someone very important to me. Also, the window of my car was smashed in. A few words of advice: 1. Do not leave purses or backpacks on the seat of your car when parked in the city. 2. I highly recommend backing up documents on the cloud using something like Dropbox. Laptop stolen at 10 PM. Got home at 12:30 PM. Retrieved all lost files by 2:00 AM. Level of aggravation - extremely low. 3. Some useful links for when your car gets broken into and stuff gets stolen here and here. Also, beware of identity theft. If anyone has any information about a break-in at the corner of 15th and W St. NW Washington DC on Sunday March 13, 2010 please let me know. We're missing a black Macbook, a red Duke University bookbag and a black purse.