#edhidoc – now called “These Birds Walk” – Wins Sundance grant

Shout out to friends Omar Mullick and Bassim Tariq for being recognized along with 28 ther films by the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program for their project on Abdul Sattar Edhi, the Pakistani version of Mother Theresa (read about him here).  The grant is no small deal given the prominence of the Sundance Film Festival:
For many of these filmmakers, receiving a grant will be just the beginning of our relationship with them," said Cara Mertes, Director of the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program. “These filmmakers are also eligible for year-round creative support through our programs, including Creative Labs, Work-in-Progress screenings, and events and activities at the Sundance Creative Producing Summit and Sundance Film Festival.
I've been in touch with Omar and Bassim about their project for some time and can't wait for the film to be ready for public consumption. UPDATE: Found this interview with Producer Bassim Tariq: