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useful photography hacks

Favorite one is the last one but all are equally deserving of the response..."Why didn't I think of that?!" Tweet

Amazing aerial photography

I've seen plenty of great aerial photography but there is something really unique and gripping about the work of Polish photographer Kacper Kowalski. His book, Side Effects, is out now. It's no wonder he's award winning. Some of his work below. And a short video […]

Lake Natron

This photographer Nick Brandt fished out some of the animals who died in this lake and positioned them as if they were still alive, perched on their branches. The lake preserved their remnants in an eerie, i-just-looked-into-Medussa's-eyes kind of way. See more pics below or buy […]

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Bad parenting

This reminds me somewhat of driving my nephew around in my car, which although zippy, has about 1/4 the hp of this beast. Nevertheless - the sentiment expressed is roughly the same. Ricky Bobby is born! Tweet

Coolest space photos of 2013

Wired Magazine put together an album of some of the coolest space photos of 2013. Here are a few i like. Rest are here.   Tweet

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Awesome fisheye lens

I haven't used a fisheye leans seriously since around 2003 when i took these photos in Ecuador. I like looking at photos taken with fisheye lenses but I find taking fisheye photos tedious. I think it's primarily because back in the day when I used […]

NASAs best photos of 2013

Some of these photos are really amazing. But the thing that caught my eye the most are von Karman vortices, which I did not know existed. See the rest here.  Tweet

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Home design

I've been fascinated with good, affordable home design lately and need a place to save some ideas. So I'm going to do it here. Came across this house in Pittsburg. Designed by an architect (go figure) seems like it does everything a great home needs […]

Fiddleoak knows a thing or two about Photoshop

Fiddleoak clearly knows how to manipulate a photograph in Photoshop. But in these photos you almost thing the entire scene is an elaborate canvas painting. Click over here to see how he did it.Tweet