British Museum Hajj Exhibition

I was supposed to go to London last month and verify that one of my photos from the Minox in Mecca series was in fact on display at the British Museum's Hajj exhibition. The exhibition seems to be pretty popular. The Museum says there have been over 115,000 80,000 visitors in 7 weeks. There has been tons of coverage here, here and here. However, since Votifi made it into SXSWi Startup Accelerator, I had to postpone the trip, and now it looks like I won't be able to make it to London before the show closes on April 16. Am not thrilled about that but a good friend was at the museum today and snapped a few photos to confirm that in fact my photo is on display. The photo in question is this one: Which depicts pilgrims walking into Mina on the first day of Hajj The photo was enlarged by a factor of a gazillion, printed on canvas and installed on an entire wall so that the people in the images were almost life sized. The curator of the exhibit wanted visitors to the Museum to feel as though they were walking with the pilgrams on the hajj. My friend said:
I found your picture. Actually you can't miss it as it is the first picture in the exhibition! When I first saw it I thought it might have been yours. It's really great location just through a corridor as you enter with 'dhikr' playing in the background.
Here is a photo my friend took at the exhibit this morning. How cool is that! Aasil Ahmad Minox in Mecca British Museum Here is an updated photo taken by the British Museum Photographer One day I'll take my kids to the British Museum and find that hallway and tell them my photo was up here once. UPDATED: Here is an album of images taken by Saiful Islam (CEO of DRIK) and Mukhtar Sanders (of Inspiral Design)