The village in Burkina Faso where every house is a work of art


Near the southern border of Burkina Faso close to Ghana is a village called Tiebele-Corabie where the houses are all fantastically decorated. Tiebele-Corabie_-_Google_Maps

Travel blogger Olga Stavrakis managed to gain access and take some great photos of the place. She said

… It was only through a process of year long negotiations that we were permitted to enter the royal palace the entrance of which is pictured here. They were awaiting us and the grand old men of the village, the nobility, were all seated waiting for us. Each of the villages has muslims and animists (local religions) and no one much cares who believes in what. However, we were told in advance that we must not wear anything red and we may not carry an umbrella. Only the chiefly noble family is permitted that privilege and to do so would constitute a great affront to our hosts…


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See a blog post about her trip here. See a complete gallery of photos here on Flickr.


This might convince me to buy a few rolls of film and teach my nephew how cameras work.

Then – once I take the film out, drive to the camera store (most of which have gone out of business by now), drop the film off, drive home, drive back a week later, pay as much money as I did for the film in the first place, and then get my processed film and negatives – I’ll go back to digital.

But it’s a good kickstarter that will probably get funded many times over. If you’re interested you can read more about it here:

Here are some of the photos they say you can get with the cardboard pinhole camera:

and here is what the camera looks like out of the box:

Planetary Panoramas

Pretty cool time lapse work here:

Here is the rig the photographer, Vincent Brady, used

Vincent Brady: Blog Photos &emdash;

The rest of the workflow described here.

Vincent Brady: Planetary Panorama Project &emdash; Milky Way Rising at Delicate Arch

Vincent Brady: Planetary Panorama Project &emdash; Devils Tower & The Heavens

Vincent Brady: Planetary Panorama Project &emdash; Inside The Double Arch

Vincent Brady: Planetary Panorama Project &emdash; Logan's Pass at Glacier National Park

Vincent Brady: Planetary Panorama Project &emdash; Monument Valley

Vintage color photos of America from yesteryear

Via Business Insider

useful photography hacks

Favorite one is the last one but all are equally deserving of the response…”Why didn’t I think of that?!”

Amazing aerial photography

I’ve seen plenty of great aerial photography but there is something really unique and gripping about the work of Polish photographer Kacper Kowalski. His book, Side Effects, is out now. It’s no wonder he’s award winning. Some of his work below.

A view over a lake in a forest with trees changing colour in autumn in Kashubia. Photograph: Kacper Kowalski/Panos

A lorry and cars travel on a road past the ice-covered Vistula River near the village of Kiezmark during winter. Photograph: Kacper Kowalski/Panos

A snow-covered industrial site at the port of Gdynia. Photograph: Kacper Kowalski/Panos

Woodcutters in the forest near Gdynia. Photograph: Kacper Kowalski/Panos

A snow-covered orchard near Tczew. Photograph: Kacper Kowalski/Panos

A view over fields of grain in spring shows white chamomile, blue cornflower and other weeds growing among the grain sprouts. Photograph: Kacper Kowalski/Panos

A view over a forest with trees changing colour in autumn. Photograph: Kacper Kowalski/Panos

Blades of a wind turbine wait to be loaded onto a ship at the port in Gdynia. Photograph: Kacper Kowalski/Panos

And a short video about how he does it. Wish I knew where he got his helicopter from.

Side effects from dzika plaża on Vimeo.


Lake Natron

This photographer Nick Brandt fished out some of the animals who died in this lake and positioned them as if they were still alive, perched on their branches. The lake preserved their remnants in an eerie, i-just-looked-into-Medussa’s-eyes kind of way. See more pics below or buy the book.

Bad parenting

This reminds me somewhat of driving my nephew around in my car, which although zippy, has about 1/4 the hp of this beast. Nevertheless – the sentiment expressed is roughly the same. Ricky Bobby is born!

Coolest space photos of 2013

Saturn's rings

Wired Magazine put together an album of some of the coolest space photos of 2013. Here are a few i like. Rest are here.

Mars asteroid impact / giant bird feet


Look closely. What do you see. (hint: wizard of oz/halloween)